Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How to choose the right skate wear?

When it comes to figure skating there is sometimes no need to choose...always ask your coach for final decisions. The right costume along with the choice of music and performance style could be a factor in the decision of judges when a competition has skaters with equal skills. At practices, comfortable, well fitting and breathable practice wear will help a skater through hard training. And all skaters love variety and style.

2. What types of figure skate wear are there?

There is a big variety of styles/disciplines which the figure skating apparel covers. These aspects that are important to consider when choosing figure skating wear to fit your needs. DEFINE THE DISCIPLINE: FREESTYLE, DANCE, CREATIVE, COMPULSORY OR PRACTICE. It is important to decide what each outfit will or can be used for. 

3. What is good practice figure skating wear?

The practice wear is for daily training use. When choosing a practice wear, find comfortable, well-fitting, durable, washable, stretchable wear. This is a simple work uniform with few distracting design elements. Quality material  that will not get stretched and loose its color after the first washing does matter. 

4. What is compulsory and all purpose skate wear?

The compulsory skate wear is simple and functional and nice for testing use, too. The this skate wear is used when performing for judges to determine the level of skating detail and proficiency. Simplicity and elegance is the best mix for this purpose, and since it should accentuate the good points of your performance it should be perfectly snug and fit like a second skin. We recommend solid colors and simple flattering styles. Don’t forget it is your skating skills and not the overall impression (unlike in other competition events) that the judges will evaluate at testing.

5. How to choose the right figure skating dress for a competition?

Take a different approach when you are looking for a competition dress for other events. The right costume is a way to show a skater’s individuality, complement the music, make a dance flow and make a final touch to the story in order to impress the judges.  A competition freestyle or pairs outfit has the added responsibility of working with, not against, a variety of acrobatic moves – so excess fabric is usually not a good plan. Competition wear often use variety of materials and textures, bright colors, original skirt and neckline styles, more glitter and accessories of various types.

6. I placed my order, but I made a mistake. How can I fix it?

E-mail us at info@shopsk8gear.com. We will take care of you!

7. Can I choose another color?

On skate wear products that show swatches, other fabric colors can be substituted. Some that do not show swatches can also be changed, but email the item and color preference before ordering. Leave your checkout notes as you finalize your order. Let us know where you want each color and fabric to be on your garment. Feel free to send a separate email to info@shopsk8gear.com with more instructions. Custom color garments cannot be returned for refund or exchange. 

8. Do you offer SK8 BLING-ing SERVICES if I order extra stones?

SK8 BLING is an easy way to customize your order, but we do not offer this as a service. You can order extra stones to do it yourself. Feel free to request our help if you have never done bling-ing. 

9. I want to change something about the skatewear I am ordering. How can I do that?

It is simple! Just specify changes in checkout notes when placing your order. Feel free to send a separate email to info@shopsk8gear.com with more instructions before ordering. We will let you know if your changes are possible.

10. I am more comfortable speaking to a real person. How can I do this?

Call us at 1.866.655.2278. If we can't speak immediately, we will always return your call to take care of your skate wear needs.